Puffin's Cannabis

Delivering high quality Cannabis and Cannabis products to Muskoka and Parry Sound regions with our exclusive menu of highly curated products.

About Puffin's Cannabis

Puffin's Cannabis was founded in February 2020 in Huntsville, Ontario by Adam Todd and Curtis Muir.

Our Mission

At Puffin's Cannabis, we have two missions. First, to only carry top quality products, across various price points, on a limited menu. Our heavily curated product line up can give you confidence that when you shop at Puffin's, you will not be disappointed. Second, to deliver the best service experience that caters to each individual and their personal needs.

Adam, Founder of Puffin's Cannabis


Greetings Muskoka!

I am Adam and 14 years ago I became a proud resident of Huntsville. Cannabis has always been a passion of mine so I welcomed the legalization of cannabis in Canada. As legal products became available to the market I found that there are many products, some very good and some very bad.

I knew I could do better so in January 2020 I decided to bring legal cannabis to Huntsville. No one wants to pay for a poor quality product with no refunds. The mission for Puffin's is to deliver a highly curated menu of quality products. You can trust Puffin's has done the work for you.

Most importantly of all, participating in the legal cannabis market ensures your safety when consuming cannabis.

Illegal Edibles, oils and extracts can be very dangerous if not produced correctly or at worst might not be cannabis at all.

Illegal Flowers May have been sprayed with pesticide or have not flushed properly at harvest and have residual fertilizers which is also very dangerous.

You can set you mind at ease with Puffin's as all our products are purchased legally through the OCS from licensed producers of the highest quality in Canada.

Josh, Assistant manager at Puffin's Cannabis

Assistant manager

Hey guys! It's Josh!

Growing up in Muskoka, I was lucky to be a part of the cannabis culture, through my education and personal experience, I can finally say, I'm so proud to be a part of this team.

As a seasoned smoker, working here at Puffins, I'm passionate about making sure we find the right results for you, from the right set up, down to the last drop of oil.

I hope to see you guys soon and remember to stay safe!

Victoria, Assistant Manager at Puffin's Cannabis

Assistant Manager

Hey Everyone!

My name is Victoria and my hometown has always been beautiful Muskoka. I have 6 years of experience working in customer service, supporting my customer's needs and making sure they have a positive experience.

I am super excited to be a part of the puffins team. I have always had an interest in Cannabis and it will be my pleasure to help you find the perfect product!

Aubrey, Budtender at Puffin's Cannabis



My name is Aubrey and I was born and raised right here in Huntsville. Over the years, I’ve been watching the growth of this industry with much fascination, as well as the amount of diverse and useful products that have been brought to the market.

I’m incredibly thrilled to be joining the staff here at Puffin’s and I hope that I’ll be able to leave you with a great sense of satisfaction in attending to your custom.

Cannabis Retail Store Authorization

Ontario Authorized | Provincial Retail Store Authorization

Issued under the Cannabis Licence Act, 2018
Issued to: 2740897 Ontario Inc.
Issue Date: Dec. 08, 2020
Premises Name (operating name): PUFFIN'S CANNABIS
Authorization No.: CRSA1178805